Handroanthus chrysanthus

 Handroanthus chrysanthus, Tabebuia chrysantha

 Handroanthus chrysanthus


Golden Trumpet Tree, Golden Goddess

Making a bold statement at Wharepuke in the spring is a not very common tree called Tabebuia chrysantha, the National Tree of Ecuador. Naturally occurring from Central to South America this member of the Bignonia family is a variable plant which ranges in size from a small to a large tree. It grows naturally in dry to moist soils so is suitable for a wide range of positions. It is coastal tolerant. With time this tree gets a rounded to flat head.

Towards the end of winter the tree drops its leaves then brown furry flower buds start to develop at the end of the branches. The large scented flowers, when they come out, are in crowded clusters and coloured a clear gold with sometimes the tiniest hint of green in them. The petals are very thin. When the flowers are seen against a blue sky they are quite spectacular. They are a good source of nectar. The flowers finally drop off and form a golden carpet on the ground. After the flowers drop the new season’s leaves appear. Later long, golden-brown seed pods form which give another point of interest to the tree.

I have several trees of this species growing in the garden and as they are so variable in form, flower colour and flowering time it would be a good idea to try some cuttings to have forms for specific situations.

According to my books there are about 30 other species all of which, in time, can cover themselves in flowers in shades of pink or yellow, some are good timber trees which prove very durable.

I have just found (8/3/16) the below name change.

Family: Bignoniaceae (big-no-nih-AY-see-ee) (Info)
Genus: Handroanthus (hand-ro-ANTH-us) (Info)
Species: chrysanthus (kris-ANTH-us) (Info)
Synonym: Handroanthus chrysanthus subsp. chrysanthus
Synonym: Tecoma chrysantha
Synonym: Tabebuia mexicana
Synonym: Tabebuia rufescens
Synonym: Tabebuia chrysantha

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